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7 Things You Should Know Before Hiring A Web Design Company In India


 There is no doubt that Indian web designing companies are competing with the best web designing companies from the west. The quality of website development and designing offered by Indian companies is as great as their western counterparts. Indian web design companies offer creative and professional services at very affordable rates. Most of the companies are located in metro cities like Pune Mumbai Delhi Bengaluru and Kolkata. Many website development companies in Pune are leading the market.

If you are setting up a website for the first time then you naturally have a lot of doubts and questions. If you are looking to outsource your web design and development to a company in India you must have been overwhelmed by the search results. There are literary thousands of website design companies in India. I hope this six point guide will be helpful

1. Portfolio

A well-established website Design Company will have a neat portfolio proudly displayed on its website. Go through the portfolio very carefully make notes if necessary. Sometimes companies have to protect their client’s identity so they do not display their work. But there are some clients who are happy to share their experiences. Take a look at the company’s website itself. Check if it is attractive and aesthetically designed. If you are a westerner then look for a web design company which has worked with western clients.

2. Experience

While going through the portfolio remember to note down the diversity of clients the web designer has worked for rather than the number of clients. Diverse experience shows more creative approach of the company. Visit the websites of their clients and see how the sites are designed, what’s their upload and navigation speed etc. the experience of the web designers matters a great deal so see the information on team members etc.

3. Feedbacks And Testimonials

Most of the companies post positive feedbacks and testimonials on their site. However these may be managed by a content management service provider so visit third party forums and web communities and ask their feedback. Visiting review sites can prove useful. If possible, get in touch with old clients. Try to find out repeat customers. More the number of repeat customers more reliable is the company.

4. Timeline

Internet is all about speed. So a website designer must be able to deliver results in timely manner and in as less time as possible. An expert should deliver the best results within the given time frame.

5. SEO

You would be surprised to know that you website cannot have a life expectancy of more than two years on the web. That’s why having a great looking website isn’t enough. You need effective search engine optimization in order to keep your traffic constant. See what SEO services the website designer offers?

6. Location

While choosing a website Design Company in India location plays important role. Most of the companies are located in metro cities like Pune Mumbai Delhi Bengaluru and Kolkata. Pune is one of the biggest IT hubs in India and it has good IT related infrastructure and facilities. There are many website development companies in pune which have worked for reputed overseas clients for years.

7. Price

The last but the most important point is how much money you are willing to spend? Depending on size of your project you may have to spend loads of money. Mostly Indian web designing firms will provide you more affordable rates. Some companies may charge you extra for content management services (CMS) and SEO.

The bottom-line is you need a web designing company that is reliable professional and proves cost effective.

Posted by John Hurley at 12:41 AM on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

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